Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

This is the view from my back yard as I look north/northeast. It’s a horizon that I have looked out for most of my life since I moved to Rio Dell when I was just seven years old. I never get tired of looking at it; it means many things to me.


pump 009

The day began today shrouded in a heavy layer of fog which is typical for this time of year. But these bluffs never seem to mind. They are covered in pine and redwood trees and are home to many various animals both large and small. At their base the Eel River makes its way north to be emptied into the Pacific Ocean just about 20 minutes northwest of where I live.

I have walked along the train tracks that edge along these bluffs, once used to transport lumber to and from the mill that once thrived nearby. I have found fossils that have been buried in the sand for who knows how long. Since the time that the Great Flood in Genesis covered the earth, these seashells have been waiting to be discovered. 

pump 010


I have swam in the Eel River during the warm summer months when I was a teen, laughing and giggling with friends as our voices bounced off these bluffs to echo our words back to us.  And I have taken walks along the river bank when I needed time alone to think. 

pump 011


There are many horizons from around the world that have been captured as moments in time; each one just as beautiful as the next. I’m thankful this is one of the horizons I get to enjoy every day.


3 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

  1. maamej

    What a beautiful place, you are lucky to live there & have such lovely memories.

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